A New College Study Will Actually Pay You To Smoke Pot And Drive

A New College Study Will Actually Pay You To Smoke Pot And Drive

by Tommy Gimler

You’re welcome.

According to Mandatory, researchers at UC-San Diego have been given the green light on a potentially groundbreaking study that could help with the detection of driving under the influence of cannabis. Authorized by the California Legislature courtesy of Assembly Bill 266 and the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (73), the best part of the study is that you’ll actually get paid to smoke weed and then complete driving simulations if researchers approve your application.

To apply, click here.

Here’s how your pretty nice little Saturday would pan out if you’re selected for the study:

Healthy volunteers will inhale smoked cannabis with either 0% (placebo), 6.7%, or 12.6% Δ9-THC at the beginning of the day, and then complete driving simulations, iPad-based performance assessments, and bodily fluid draws (e.g., blood, saliva, breath) before the cannabis smoking and hourly over the subsequent 7 hours after cannabis smoking. The purpose is to determine (1) the relationship of the dose of Δ9-THC on driving performance and (2) the duration of driving impairment in terms of hours from initial use, (3) if saliva or expired air can serve as a useful substitute for blood sampling of Δ9-THC in judicial hearings and (4) if testing using an iPad can serve as a useful adjunct to the standardized field sobriety test in identifying acute impairment from cannabis.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to stop by Bed Bath & Beyond afterward. I don’t know. I don’t know if you’ll have enough time.

Photo credit: Z103.5

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