Here’s A Strain Of Weed That’s Supposed To Make Women Orgasm

Here’s A Strain Of Weed That’s Supposed To Make Women Orgasm

by Tommy Gimler

Surprisingly, it’s not named Peter North.

According to Green Rush Daily, a pot enthusiast who once had a “perfect” night of sex after smoking some pot with her partner decided that she wanted to recreate the exact strain of weed she smoked so women everywhere could, well, have what she was having.

And yes, kids, we’re talking about having an orgasm.

Well, hot damn, it appears as though Karyn Wagner has succeeded in her mission of creating a strain of weed that will make women climax, deriving it from “a low-THC strain called ‘Mr. Nice’ that contains somewhere around 14 percent THC, relatively little compared to other popular strains, which are typically around 18 to 20 percent THC.”

Women apparently need “less THC in general,” and that’s probably what makes Wagner’s strain of orgasmic weed so powerful for the ladies. In fact, if a woman takes in too much THC, it can have pretty much the exact opposite effect.

The name of Wagner’s perhaps game-changing marijuana? You guessed it: Sexxpot.

But to get your hands on her Sexxpot, ladies (and guys bringing a little less to the table than others), you’re going to have to make a trip to the San Francisco Bay Area. And if you find yourself on the fence about making a trip across the country for it, maybe Wagner’s description of her climactic weed will be enough to entice you to do so:

“Turn down the volume…Dial up the heat…Favorite child of the legendary Mr. Nice, only recently came out of seclusion. Sexxpot’s embrace is smooth, sweet and mild. You’ll be swept off your feet, melting in its arms Mmmm… There’s something in the air.”

Geez. Forget the weed. That description alone just did for me. Cue the cigarette.

Photo credit: Weed Diaries

Pretty much the exact opposite of orgasmic: