Can You Fly With Weed If You’re In California?

Can You Fly With Weed If You’re In California?

by Tommy Gimler

Let’s put it this way. If the answer was yes, you would have seen a very different title.

According to The Cannifornian, even if you’re flying from LAX to SFO or SNA to SJC, it is still illegal to bring the herb onboard, even if you’re sporting a medical marijuana card and using it to reduce the swelling in your cankles.

The reason? You guessed it – airports and air travel still fall under federal jurisdiction, and despite the fact that TSA is only looking for items that could potentially bring down an airplane, you still can’t bring it with you because “it remains illegal to possess or transport any amount of cannabis” under federal law, even if both of the pilots seem to be “super-chill bros.”

The good news is that as long as you’re not traveling with a shit ton of pot on you, odds are you won’t be slapped with anything more than a verbal warning. However, there is still a chance that you could run into a local law enforcement officer who just found out that his brother has been humping his wife, and his shitty mood could mean either an arrest or fine in your near future.

So, the simplest solution to your need for weed is probably just to wait until you land and then run out to the nearest pot shop to stock up for the weekend.

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Here’s one way to beat the heat: