You Can Buy ‘The Brady Bunch’ House For Less Than $2 Million

You Can Buy ‘The Brady Bunch’ House For Less Than $2 Million

by Tommy Gimler

Here’s a story of an underappreciated iconic house.

Most people will recognize it as the house from The Brady Bunch, but if you have $1,885,000 worth of disposable income, then people will know it as your house going forward.

That’s right, kids. According to Yahoo! News, that’s all it will take to make the home from the hit 1970s sitcom yours. Take into account that it “boasts three bedrooms, a living room, a converted garage, a breakfast bar and a lush backyard.”

Granted, the gang at Douglas Elliman Real Estate says the North Hollywood home was only used for exterior shots, but still, paying a c-hair less than $1.9 million is a pretty good deal, especially when you take into consideration that you’d only be able to get a studio apartment above a Chipotle for the same price in New York City.

No word if any of the actors or actresses who played the Brady kids have put in an offer for the house, but based on our calculations, the dude who played Greg, Barry Williams, is probably shy of the asking price by about $1.87 million after getting all of his assets revalued.

Photo credit: Zillow

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