BurnTV is a network with a vision for the digital age. Broadcast quality productions programmed for all tastes, all platforms, all devices. Our audience – Everyone who digs fresh, quality content. No gender or age-demo restrictions, just folks who like to laugh, learn, and be entertained. Imagine the accessibility of YouTube, the nerve of NetFlix and the premium production values of today’s top cable channels. That’s BurnTV.


It’s time to explore new markets, new opportunities, and most fun of all, new content. The cannabis lifestyle isn’t exclusively a stoner subculture any more. Cannabis culture is mainstream. It’s front page news, and that means big global business. BurnTV intends to educate, enlighten and entertain its audience by embracing the new world view on cannabis.


BurnTV couldn’t be positioned at the zeitgeist of today’s flourishing Cannabis Culture without being heavily involved in music. So, naturally we are. From Grammy winning producers, to super-fresh up-and-coming talent, to established global acts, BurnTV has the industry ins and the programming power to lift our audience to new places. We’re rolled and ready to make them the tastemakers for the mainstream.

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We believe in emerging markets, geographically and commercially. We believe in the digital age and the power of choice and variety. We believe in an audience that craves something fresh. WE ARE BurnTV, and we believe in our talent, experience and our vision.


As an underserved and somewhat misunderstood market, the rise of the cannabis culture will create unprecedented opportunities both for content and for advertisers considering the rapidly broadening demographic of users. Just some of our upcoming concepts include comedy shows, music, covering the Cannabis Financial sector, medicinal applications, cooking with celebrity chefs, education, product reviews, and exclusive coverage of live Cannabis themed events.


BurnTV will be edgy, educational, topical and sometimes even a little nostalgic. Envision broad lifestyle programming accessible across all digital devices – television, phone/tablet and computer. The slate will include everything from original spoofs to cooking shows, from music profiles to scripted satire, and from news and interviews to animation. Our exciting mix of talent will include both fresh and familiar faces. Expect high production values and fresh concepts that will create exciting cross-platform opportunities for niche market and mainstream advertisers alike.


Our coverage would be brutally incomplete without a strong focus on new music and the music industry. With partnerships already in place with some of the industry’s most esteemed musicians and producers, this is yet another focus to diversify our overall programming and entice advertisers both sassy and mainstream. “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”